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Kolaborasi, Program Panitia Bio cikgu...

Program Kolaborasi SMSTMFP -- MRSM siri 1 / 2009 ; 18.4.2009 dan siri 2 /2009 ; 4.7.09
Guru MRSM = 7 orang, guru SMSTMFP = 3 orang. serta 3 orang guru jemputan dari sekolah harian.
Pengisian : Teknik-teknik Belajar Bio dan Teknik Menjawab Soalan Esei.
Reportnya yang ditulis oleh pelajar....

On the 18th April 2009 , our school had held Biology Synergy Collaboration with MRSM Pengkalan Chepa . The aim of this programme is to improve the Biology achievement by exchanging Biology question by seven teachers of MRSM Pengkalan Chepa , three teacher from Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra that is , Mdm Mazinah , Mr. Ghazi and Mdm Rosliza .

60 Form Five student from all classes had been selected as Buddy Academic Support for the programme . Lots of preparation had been done to ensure a smooth running of the programme . Since the first phase of the collaboration would be held at MRSM Pengkalan Chepa , all of us had been given a brief concerning the programme in dvance . We were shocked to find out that the student there had already finished the third chapter of Form 5 syllabus . So , we had would not be fallen behind . A tremor of anxiousness started to creep in , as the day of the collaboration drew closer and closer .

At last , the most anticipate day arrived . So , on last Saturday , we left for MRSM Pengkalan Chepa by bus at around 8.00 a.m. arrived there not long after that . Upon our arrival , we were asked to gather at MRSM Pengkalan Chepa’s hall . However , since we were early , we had to wait for all 75 students of MRSM Pengkalan Chepa to gather . Only at 8.30 a.m. , the programme started. First we were divided into 25 small group consisting of 3 Farisians and 3 MRSM Pengkalan Chepa students.

Once it was settled , we were immediately exposed to a new idea of learning Biology . The Biology teachers there briefed us about the 4 constructs that made up Biology namely the BioDiagram, BioMath , BioGraph and the last but not least is the BioProcess . These subdivisions of Biology need to be mastered in order to score good marks . Each explanations on the Biology components was followed by hands on activity where we had to apply the newly exposed ideas in answering the questions given . We also had some discussions in our group about the questions and how to answer them by using the OCCER technique . Just to mention , OCCER stands fo ‘Object Conditions Cause an Effect Result’ . The last slot was handled by our Biology teacher Mdm Mazinah who explained to us about Paper 2 essay .

All in all , the programme was a real eye-opening experience for us not only in forms of gaining more knowledge and enhancing new techniques but also in terms of improving our attitude and perhaps mending our mentality . Even the MRSM Pengkalan Chepa’s students appearance reflect their charismatic nature and maturity and there still lied a vast gap between Farisians and them weather we admit it or not . The way we act right now still now do not reflect the real attitude a boarding school students should hare and we are way too ignorant to become fully aware of the fact that our school’s reputation is receding very fast . So , hopefully we will be able to change our attitude and how we learn to improve our academics. Still , a million thanks to all SMSTMFP’s Biology teacher for their outstanding effort in skyrocketing our school’s Biology’s result . I personally think that our teachers are much experienced and dedicated than any other teachers found elsewhere . In facts , most MRSM Pengkalan Chepa students compliment with no mistakes if there’s any compared to those given by their teachers.

So , it all depends on us to ensure the continuity of this school’s success . In short , this type of collaboration should be extended out for other subjects .

With that , I end my speech with Wassalamualaikum , thank you

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